Hi, I am Daniel Buetler and my passion is finding the most comprehensive, data-driven customer, business and technology insights that you don't already know. These will form the basis for recommendations to solve key strategic issues concerning change and progression, as well as to improve profitability, competitive advantage and efficiency.

That's why I started Buetler Keystone Consulting, a Swiss-registered company, which operates internationally and specializes in management consulting for strategies, processes, and technology.

I support executives, small business owners and professionals with focused and mission-aligned business consulting and implementation services to:

  • Succeed in coping with today's challenges and shaping the future.

  • Develop strategies and implement solutions that lead to measurable results and create sustainable value.

I love to take on complex and challenging assignments in which my expertise can make a real difference. My external network of associates and partners allows me to quickly recruit technically and creatively outstanding teams, and allows me to lead and manage projects of any size.

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I have a special blend of technical, business, and management skills; have headed units with more than 200 people; and have managed multimillion budgets, projects, and tenders in various industries.


  • Operation and executive management
  • Serving on an executive board
  • Strategic planning
  • Product development
  • Project management
  • Project portfolio management


  • Strategy development
  • Business development
  • Product development
  • Process optimization
  • Project portfolio management
  • Operational security


  • Cash logistics
  • Petrol
  • Payment
  • Software
  • Internet
  • Automotive

Experience in cash logistics

  • Developed security and cash protection systems for ATM, CDM and CViT vehicles
  • Developed and operated IT systems and software for monitoring, forecasting and tracking
  • Operated and deployed cash machines (ATM,CDM,smart safes)
  • Directed cash in transit service operations to financial institutions, retailers and post



Honesty, truth, and accuracy are solid components of my actions. I don't believe in hypocrisy, I honor my arrangements and requirements, and I always carefully guard the interests of my clients. I only offer to do work for which I have the necessary skills and knowledge, as well as sufficient time and resources to successfully handle the needs of the project in question.


I meet people and challenges impartially and without prejudice. I am neutral and focus exclusively on the needs of my clients. I focus on facts and figures. If I offer a subjective judgment or opinion, I always note it as such.


I do not spend a long time analyzing a problem and focusing on the question of "if" it is solvable, but instead concentrate my efforts on "how" the problem can be solved. Problems can be solved most quickly by focusing on the solution from the beginning, and paying attention to how to achieve that solution, rather than by searching for every detail that explains how the problem came about.


I identify and activate untapped opportunities for profit and growth enhancement. This work requires me to use technical and methodological skills, but above all calls on me to have the ability to listen and ask questions.


You must respond to changing conditions. As a result, you regularly face issues such as growth and development of new markets, increasing efficiency by optimizing processes and IT support, while remaining sensitive to contextual changes.

I support and accompany you as you assess, develop, and implement your strategy.


You need to improve productivity and search for ways to continuously improve and measure your processes along the value chain in order to increase efficiency, ensure quality, lower costs, and achieve maximum value.

I help you to analyze, optimize, and develop your key processes and key figures.


You see technology accelerating faster than ever before and product lifetimes getting shorter and shorter. You know that introducing innovations and technologies that solve a problem gives you a competitive advantage that can secure and increase your market share.

I help you to identify, develop, and introduce products to your organization or your customers.


I only offer services in areas in which I have the relevant expertise and can therefore add real value for you.

business development

Business development

  • Assess, develop and implement strategies
  • Analyze, optimize, build and measure key processes
  • Identify, develop and introduce new products and features
project management

Project Management

  • Provide project leadership and project management
  • Compile specifications and implementation concepts
  • Analyze return on investment or cost-benefit
  • Conduct periodic and post-project reviews
  • Analyze or lead project portfolio

Product Management

  • Perform vulnerability assessment
  • Develop concepts to reduce risk
  • Provide technical expertise
  • Conduct research to support new product development
  • Create requirements documents and use cases
  • Consult in evaluating and qualifying providers


During a consulting project, I can act in one or more of the following roles.


As an advisor, I work together with you on a specific problem. I support you with the necessary know how and help you to stay focused. I observe and provide feedback, and I ask questions that help you to clarify and confront a problem in order to make well-informed decisions.


As a coach, I help you or your team to develop particular knowledge. I can also adopt this role if you are dealing with difficult challenges, or at times when your organization is going through a change. I can capitalize on my many years of experience in both soft and hard topics.


As a project leader, I manage the operational planning and control of a project and I am responsible for keeping the project on schedule and within its budget.


As a developer of concepts, I create practical and implementation-oriented concepts that bring ideas and solutions alive.


As a portfolio manager, I analyze and manage your project portfolio. The goal is to find the ideal mix and quantity of projects that need to and can be done within a given set of conditions (such as customer issues, strategic objectives, or available resources), and make the highest contribution to achieving your goals.


As a mediator, I help you to explore a problem or find options to resolve a dispute with your customers or suppliers, between managers and staff, or between employees. I adhere to the most important principles of mediation: volition, impartiality, neutrality, confidentiality, openness, transparency, equal opportunities, open communication, and future orientation.


Get in touch - I am certain that my enthusiasm, knowledge and experience will help you to realize your goals.


+41 (0) 76 232 19 69